AppOptix Mobile Panel

How It Works

Q. What is AppOptix?

AppOptix is a smartphone-based consumer research platform. Through our Mobile Panel and other information services, we provide insights to the wireless industry to enhance and optimize the experience on consumer products and services. 

Q. Who is behind AppOptix?

The AppOptix program is a service from Tech Insights Inc., the world’s leading provider of advanced technology analysis and intellectual property services. For more information about Tech Insights, visit:

Q. Why should I join?

We value the voice of the consumer. We recognize your voice is important to understand and improve the experiences on mobile devices. As a panel member, you will be joining a select group of participants to share your experience via the AppOptix application. We provide rewards for your participation. As a panel member you will accrue points which are redeemable for e-gift cards.

Q. How do I earn rewards?

The main way that AppOptix panel members earn rewards is by responding to surveys. We issue surveys throughout the year and encourage your participation. The more surveys you respond to, the more rewards you will earn.

Q. What rewards can I earn?

When you complete a survey, you will earn anything from 100 points to 500 points or even more. Longer surveys are worth more points. When you reach the reward threshold, you will automatically be issued with an e-gift card within 72 hours. Points thresholds and reward values are currently:

Country USA UK Canada Australia India
Reward Threshold 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Reward Value $10 £10 $10 $10 ₹500
Note: Values correct as of 19th January 2023

Q. OK. I am interested, where should I start?

Here are the steps required to become an AppOptix panel member.

1. Download and install the AppOptix app from the Google Play store.
2. Complete your profile by:

Q. What are the requirements for joining the panel?

You must have an Android smartphone and have an active cellular subscription to a mobile operator in your country of residence. Tablets and other Wi-Fi-only devices are not eligible to join the panel. Users found to be in violation of this requirement are subject to immediate expulsion from the panel without compensation. Currently the program is open to all Android smartphone users but we limit the number of panel members at any one time and approval to join is based on a broad set of criteria which includes your device, mobile operator plan type and certain demographic details. You will be notified about whether you request to join has been successful after completing the download, installation, and profile questions accessible via the application.

Q. Does the AppOptix work on every smart phone?

No. It only works on Android smart phones running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher.

Q. Does AppOptix collect data from my smartphone? If so, what type of data is being collected?

Yes. The AppOptix app collects generic usage data from the smartphone on which it is installed. We use this data to deliver our services and to help us determine which surveys individual panel members will qualify for. The specific data gathered by the AppOptix app includes:

We do not listen to or record any of your phone calls. We also do not examine, store or record any of the content of text or picture messages you send or receive. In addition, we cannot and do not read any of the contents of your other files or email messages.

Q. Why do you collect my personal information? Do you share it with anyone?

We combine the information that you and other panelists provide with data and research from other sources. We use this information to perform analysis to prepare reports and insights on how consumers use their mobile devices and related services. We will not release any personally identifiable data nor do we sell any personal information for marketing activities. You can review our complete privacy policy here:

Q. How long do I have to participate?

You may uninstall the application at any time which will terminate your participation on the panel.

Q. Can I install multiple devices with the same account?

No. You can have only one active installation per account. Users found to be in violation of this requirement are subject to immediate expulsion from the panel without compensation. If you change or replace your smartphone, you have the option to transfer your account and rewards to your new device.

Q. What will happen if I upgrade or replace my device?

When you install the application on your new device, you will have the option to transfer your account from the previous device to the new device. Just download the application from and enter the e-mail associated with your account.

Q. Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

For questions and comments regarding the AppOptix program, please contact us at